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In this booklet, you’ll find one of my favorite fertility-bowl recipes that’s not only a gut-friendly meal, but also chock full of vitamins and antioxidants that will provide you with the fuel your body needs to support your fertility and feel great.

For years society and the diet industry has made us wage war with the way we eat food. 

No carb, low carb, high fat, no fat…there’s a new “ideal” diet that hits the headlines every couple of months.  

You may have tried a couple of them (or even all of them) in the desperate attempt to achieve your goals whether it was to lose weight, rid yourself of hormonal imbalances, or finally conceive that missing piece of your family.  

And I’m willing to bet they didn’t work. Want to know why?  

Because there is no such thing as one “ideal” diet or cookie cutter solution that will give everyone the same results. (Ever notice how all those diet programs, fads, and products have the same tiny type disclaimer that says “results not typical” or “guaranteed”?).  

Well, I can guarantee something for you and tell you that every single person who follows the following diet gets results….  

Eat. Real. Food.  

See, diet isn’t a dirty word. A diet is merely the selection and range of foods that we eat.  

However, when we eat real, natural, sourced-from-whole-ingredient foods that work best with our unique body chemistry and biological makeup, there’s no disclaimer needed.  

Your body will feel, perform, and look better, and it’ll work with you (instead of against you) to help you achieve the goals you have for your life.  

To give you a little taste of what that type of diet consists of, I’m sharing with you my FREE Fertility-Bowl Recipe with Pomegranates and Lemon-Tumeric Dressing, which is chock full of vitamins and antioxidants providing you with the fuel your body needs to perform optimally and feel great.  

It’s also that scrape-the-sides-of-your-bowl-to-get-every-last-bite delicious, so enter your info below to get the recipe delivered straight to your inbox! 

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